Elgar 2021

Elgar against the neo-peshwai(Brahmanical Hindutva neo-fascism) brought upon the people of this land by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS)and other Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces –backed Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government.

Who gets pardoned here? Who is fearless here?

They knew it all along, the autocrat was without mercy

They will have to walk on fire, Their words will be no more

 In War within the prison, they shall be skinned

Although on the body and heart of theirs, 

Lie the marks of that cruelty

On their smiling face, Still an emotions of mid-battle....

                                                              - Shahir Sagar Gorkhe


Three years ago, Elgar Parishad was first organized(31st Dec 2017, Pune)as a conference to debate and dissent against the neo-fascist (neo-peshwai imposing) policies and actions of the Rashtriya Svayansevak Sangh (RSS) led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government. The conference was held on the occasion of the bicentennial of Bhima Koregaon battle fought for caste annihilation, led by Mahar with Dalit Bahujan soldiers.  Elgar Parishad is an initiative to commemorate the first instance when Mahars, after being ostracized as Untouchables under the rule of Peshwas, were again recruited in an army. This day has been celebrated as a victorious occasion since the army with the Mahar regiment defeated the Peshwas (their historical oppressors) in a battle that also eventually led to the disintegration and end of the Brahmanical Confederacy. Sensing a huge crowd and an opportunity to exploit the rupture of inherent social contradictions along identitarian lines, right-wing goons (linked with the BJP via its various social groups) were sent to attack masses and cause violence, chiefly led by Sambhaji Bhide's ShivPratishthan Hindustan and Milind Ekbote's Samasta Hindu Aghadi. The BJP government, then in power in Maharashtra, on the diktat of the RSS and Modi-Shah led Center,in all its authoritarian glory used its Gestapo like National Investigating Agency (NIA) and illegally arrested 16 academics, artists and activists under the Rowlatt Act like Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

Since then a series of concerted attacks and pogroms have dragged the people of this country, of this land, through -lynchings of Dalits and Muslims,murder and detention of progressive voices, introduction ofNational Register of Citizens (NRC)- Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)(Hindu version of Nuremberg laws), Farmers’ protests against neoliberal farm bills, etc. However, people’s resistance in the face of these attacks has been firm and unwavering. The spontaneous show of solidarity by people across the country in response to NRC-CAA resulting in protest sites and ideas such as Shaheenbaug has shown that democracy is well and alive on the streets of India, irrespective of the farce that has been going on under the garb of pillars of Democracy as Judiciary, Beaurocracy, Parliament and Media. 


The BJP government, all this while, has been aggressively implementing its anti-people, pro-corporate Brahmanical-casteist agendas. BJP government used its tyrannical modus operandi to vilify and imprison anyone who dares to stake a claim to our fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution. With the help of mainstream media, lynch mobs, police, and agencies such as Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Intelligence Bureau (IB), the BJP government has used the label of urban-Naxals(Maoists) to paint anyone with dissenting views as anti-national.

As a sign of resistance and to continue forging common grounds of struggle, the different Ambedkarite-Progressive organizations of Maharashtra have decided to organize Elgar Parishad again this year on 30th January 2021. Elgar Parishad-2021 hopes to serve as a platform where people who are against the Brahmanical-Patriarchal-Capitalist regime can come together over common grounds of struggle. 

Various organizations of Maharashtra call upon all progressives, intellectuals, artists, academicians, activists, students and unions to show support and participate in Elgar Parishad-2021.